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EMC Motorsport is a family run race car preparation business with a workshop based close to the centre of Birmingham. Our workshop is easily accessible from the local motorway network and right in the heart of the UK's 'Motorsport Valley'.

Having a lifelong interest in cars meant that Kevin (the owner of EMC Motorsport) has always worked in the motor vehicle industry. Kevin completed an apprenticeship with Chrysler and naturally moved to their competition department. He worked on some big projects and with some of the best rally drivers of the day. His career progressed, working with several main dealers around the Midlands and a few exotic car specialists too. After a stint as an AA patrolman (!) the next stage forward was to work for himself.

From modest beginnings on a pig farm, luckily the pigs had already left, Kevin progressed to our well-known workshop in Birmingham

A rallying career began and ended here in a very brief liaison with a MkI Escort (don't ask, sore subject). But the motorsport bug had bitten and it wouldn't be long before EMC was out in full-time competition.

Having started EMC Motorsport as an engine and gearbox remanufacturing business, we branched out into race car preparation in the mid-nineties. Kevin found the world of Porsche racing to be much more to his liking (fewer fence posts to hit).

Initially building cars was just for ourselves, and we raced them successfully for a number of years. Then we started to get requests to build cars for customers and EMC as we know it today was established.


Initially concentrating on Porsches, EMC Motorsport built cars for customers for many UK domestic Porsche championships. Our cars have since won championships many times over and at one point, one UK championship had around 10 cars, that had been prepared at our workshops, on track at the same time!

Now, EMC Motorsport Porsches can be found all over the world, with customers racing them as far and wide as Dubai and New Zealand.

We started to branch out into all forms of motorsport in the early 2000's. We have found success in every discipline we have competed in, including Endurance Racing, Rallying and even Sprinting and Hillclimbing.

Our team drivers have also been instrumental in not only winning races and championships for EMC but also in helping customers to reach the top of their discipline. We do this by providing them with hands-on experience of car setup and also by sharing our experience of how to drive to win.

There are very few race teams who actually race the cars they engineer and this is our strength at EMC.

Motorsport is not an easy business to be in. The days are long, the timeframes are very short, and each weekend you have to be at the top of your game. Your competitors are always there, snapping at your heels, waiting for a chance to beat you. The push for excellence and our determination to be the best at what we do has kept us at the front for many years and will hopefully keep us there for many more.

There are easier ways to earn a living, but they wouldn't be as much fun…