• Bespoke race car engineering

Bespoke Race Car Services

EMC Motorsport is used to a challenge. We have battled against some of the biggest teams in the UK and European motorsport and beaten them. We can safely say we are prepared for most situations. Over the years EMC Motorsport has been given a few 'interesting' projects to work on, but rather than seeing it as a problem, we can use the challenge to keep us thinking and on our toes. We are lucky to have the flexibility to take on something a bit outside of our regular work and because all our suppliers have the same mindset, between us, we come up with new ideas and solutions to tackle customer projects.

So whether it is building and setting up a car that has never before been used in competition, we can help. If you require a component that is no longer available, if you have something that is proving tricky to find, make or do, why not give us a call?