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Engine Shop

EMC Motorsport has been building engines for over 25 years and can build any specification for almost any engine. We have built up a good relationship with our parts suppliers and can offer a range of high-performance components off the shelf or made to bespoke specifications. We also offer a variety of cylinder linings and proprietary, low-friction surface finishes to suit very extreme use applications.

All our engines are hand finished and assembled and are built to last. We don't build engines that will need regular teardowns, our competition engines have easy maintenance schedules and will give many years of service. It is no accident that several engines assembled by EMC are on their 7th season of motorsport and still competitive.

If you need an engine built to suit a specific application or if you have something special in mind, call us to discuss your requirements.

Completed race engine build
Engine during rebuild
Machined engine parts
Edelbrock Race Engine
Rebored pistons
Race Engine rebuid