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Puma Cup

EMC Motorsport is the organiser and official supplier for the Dunlop Puma Cup.

The idea came about in 2013, we had noticed a trend in circuit racing that very little new blood was coming into the sport. We felt that it was probably down to motor racing being difficult to get into and perceived as being prohibitively expensive due to many championships not controlling the cost of competing or how much money competitors can spend to gain an advantage.

It was with this in mind that we came up with the concept for the Puma Cup.

Having had a lot of experience with these fantastic little cars, we came up with a set of regulations that controlled the potential for spending to gain an advantage and provided a set of spec parts that are durable and easy to fit and are genuinely cost controlled. We also have worked with our suppliers to provide, rather uniquely in motorsport, discounted parts and equipment to reduce the initial outlay and running costs of the cars.

With the cost of building and running the cars as low as it can be, we have provided a way into the amazing sport of motor racing for people on tight budgets or who are fed up with spending huge sums of money, just to try and compete.

In its first season, the Puma Cup provided close racing and the grids got bigger at every race. Now with even more backing and support, the Puma Cup can move forward and set the standard in UK motor racing. This means that you can now win a motor race with the right components, driving skill and just a little bit of luck....

For details on the Puma Cup visit www.pumacup.com

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