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Shell Preparation

At EMC we pride ourselves on building some of the finest cars in motorsport, our cars are not only competitive in their disciplines but also finished with pride and attention to detail. Just because a car is capable of winning championships doesn't mean it has to look anything less than immaculate.

Here's how we do it

First, we dismantle the vehicle to be prepped, everything is catalogued and stored and the body shell is then sent away for alkaline submersion. Once the shell is dipped it comes back to us bare metal and ready for work to begin. We first seam weld the shell (if required and allowed in your regulations) making sure that whilst the car is strong it doesn't lose any crumple or energy dissipation zones. Next job is a roll-cage, at EMC we don't sell bolt-in cages, only a substantial weld-in cage can offer the safety and quality our customers expect and when tied into the body shell, offers superior chassis rigidity.

Once the cage is fitted and any additional strengthening/gusseting completed, the body shell is cleaned and acid etched. (Acid etch keys to the bare metal and gives the paint a surface to adhere to). Any potential rot-spots are zinc coated and the body seams are now sealed with lightweight seam-sealer. Why? Our shells are made to last and any water ingress can very quickly cause rot in a bare metal shell, also the noise of unseamed panels vibrating is deafening inside the car and can cause an increase in driver fatigue during longer races.

The shell is now primed in grey or white and ready to paint. For extreme use cars (i.e. stage rally, off-road) additional underbody stone chip guard is used. The shell can now be painted underneath, inside and outside, in the colour of your choice. One of our finished shells has the same paint finish underneath and inside as it does on the outside.

The shell is now ready for re-assembly.

Ford Puma body shell
Race car body shell with rollcage
Porsche body shell
Race car body shell preparation
Race car body shell