• Fixed specification race car build

Fixed specification competition vehicles

Here at EMC Motorsport we build a wide range of competition vehicles for many different disciplines and to a multitude of different specifications. This is great if our customers know what they want, if you are a professional race team or a very experienced competitor, you will know how you want the car to perform and what you expect from the car.

But what if you aren't a professional team? Or you are a competitor who can drive, but doesn't know how to build a competition vehicle, or what you need from your car to be at the front of the pack?

We have a very simple solution.

If you have a specific race or rally series or championship in mind, that you want to compete in, have a look through our fixed specification list. The list covers our range of proven vehicles that are competitive in their particular discipline and if you are up to the job, will win in your hands. No worrying about what to spec on the cars, or what car would be the best type of car to choose, just look at our list, select the vehicle and let us do the rest, happy in the knowledge that we have done all the expensive and time-consuming development work that you can use to your advantage. All our cars are priced very competitively and there are no hidden costs, the price is what you pay.

All you have to do now is drive it…